Why We Should Support Small Businesses | the tao of skwealthacademy podcast, epi_022

In today’s The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast, Episode_22, titled, “Why We Need to Support Small Businesses,” I discuss the importance of supporting small businesses over corporate giants and international conglomerates not only as it improves our mental, spiritual and physical health, but also as it relates to abiding by a moral code of honor and as it relates to helping support those trying to change the world for the better.

Now if small businesses disappear, and we only have Amazon and Apple and Starbucks left to consume from with many consumers already complaining that these businesses do not have their best interest at heart and often exploit their employees as well as consumers, think of how much worse this situation will get when we do not have the option of conducting businesses with small businesses. When most small businesses have been crushed, we will experience worse customer service and more employee exploitation because if big conglomerates are able to successfully eradicate their competition, they will be able to treat us however they want and we will have no longer have any voice with our options gone. This is why it is so critical to start supporting small businesses in your community right now. To hear the full body of this debate, please listen to the full podcast.

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