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In today’s the tao of skwealthacademy podcast, episode_018, I discuss why all wars are bankers’ wars and why even the conflict between the US and Russia in Syria is a banker war, as I believe that it is a war ultimately to control the flow of natural gas through Syria, either from Russia to Europe or from the Middle East to Europe. Consequently, episode_018 is titled, “Russia v. the United States: Facts v. Propaganda. If the US successfully ousts the current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, they can control the flow of energy resources from the Middle East to Europe and dictate that oil and natural gas from the Middle East is sold and bought in US dollars. If Russia succeeds in rebuffing the US attempt to overthrow Assad, then Russia would control the flow of natural gas through Syria and dictate that these resources could be sold in their sovereign ruble currency, which would serve as a huge blow against the continued subjugation of the entire world economy to US dollar supremacy.


Although this reason, which I believe to be one of the primary reasons behind the Syrian conflict is little discussed in the Western mainstream media, it comes as no surprise that various Arab and Middle Eastern publications have all dismissed such theories as “conspiracy theories”, claiming that there is zero evidence to corroborate these theories. As I have always been someone that promotes evidence above all, I wondered if these assertions were correct, so I investigated them further and did not merely dismiss them as propaganda just because the assertions fit into a narrative that serves nations like Qatar and Saudi Arabia and not my beliefs about the conflict. I wanted to discover, however, if these assertions of conspiracy theories were indeed massive propaganda as well.


So let’s look at some facts that are indisputable first and draw conclusions from these facts. Number one, more than half of all of Russia’s national revenues comes from oil and natural gas sales. Fact. Bankers manipulate prices of oil, natural gas, and other commodities through global futures markets. Fact. If bankers force prices of oil and natural gas lower, this will severely hurt the Russian economy. Fact. The US government colludes with bankers to take down oil and natural gas prices to hurt the Russian economy. Theory. In this case, we have a bunch of facts and then one theory that can’t be proven as a fact but then will often be dismissed as a conspiracy theory just because there is no hard evidence to support the theory by those that want to shape a certain narrative in the global media. It is just as ridiculous to label this theory as a conspiracy theory solely because there is no evidence to support it as it would be to call the Big Bang Theory about the formation of the universe a conspiracy theory just because there is also a lack of concrete evidence to support this theory as well.


Rather the theories should be more accurately described as unknowns and not conspiracy theory from someone capable of critical thought. The same applies to the pipeline theories when I investigated them as well. It is a fact that multiple pipelines for natural gas and oil have been proposed that would cut through Syria and that the different proposed pipelines would provide control of Europe’s energy supplies to different factions – one to Russia, and the other to Middle Eastern nations. It is also a fact that the control of these pipelines would have massive consequences upon the US dollar depending upon which pipeline was eventually built and that if Russia wins out, then it can vastly decrease the dependence of its economy upon the US dollar. It is also a fact that the US government has funded and armed ISIL terrorists within Syria to overthrow Assad. But this is where the facts stop and the rest becomes theory. The conclusions for why the US wants to overthrow Assad are theory. However it is a fact that in July 2011, the governments of Syria, Iran and Iraq signed a $10 billion agreement to build a natural gas pipeline that would run from Iran through Iraq and Syria to Europe. That project was largely halted by the ongoing war in Syria.


This project was opposed by Qatar that wanted to build a natural gas pipeline from Syria to Turkey to Europe. This is a fact as well. But the dispute revolves around the timing and the alleged rejection of this proposal. As far as I could find, the only source for the claim that President Assad rejected a Qatari proposal to build a alternate natural gas pipeline was an “unnamed European diplomat.” So given that this is the source, I always reject any unnamed anonymous official sources as evidence. But just because there is no evidence does not mean that the theory of Syria as being a conflict to control natural gas distribution and also to maintain global US dollar supremacy, and therefore making the was ultimately a banker war, should be labeled a conspiracy as many prominent Middle Eastern news agencies have done. It merely means the truth about this theory remains unknown thought the answer to the unknown seems to be simple. I’m not sure why a journalist can’t simply ask Syrian President Assad did you directly reject a Qatari proposal for a natural gas pipeline, and if he answers yes, then the theory can be proven to be true. Whether some journalist has already asked this question and the answer has been suppressed from mainstream media, I don’t know.


In any event, what has always been evident in the mainstream reporting about military conflicts is that much of what is reported is propaganda, with theories unjustly labeled as conspiracy theories to discredit them while they may or may not be true and should merely be reported as unknowns. Thus, when I discovered that the validity about theories are best described as unknowns but have been described as conspiracy theories by media sites, I immediately dismissed such media sites as sources of credible news because the conclusions of conspiracy theories were incredibly self-serving and biased and thereby not trustworthy. Through this lens, in episode 18, I explore the facts surrounding the escalating animosity between Russia and the United States, including US President’s very important repudiation of the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, and the implications of his withdrawal from this treaty on future relations between the US and Russia. I further reveal what is propaganda in regard to this subject, as there is unsurprisingly boatloads of propaganda surrounding this subject being reported by mainstream media as fact, and I attempt to separate propaganda from fact and allow you, the listener, to form your own conclusions.

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