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Rebooting and Updating Society’s Definition of Success | the tao of skwealthacademy podcast, episode_026

In episode_026, I provide a free sample of one of the two podcasts I release every month to my patron subscribers. In this episode, I discuss how the very definition of the word success has become a highly processed concept that may still be high in calories but low and near completely deficient in mental and psychological nutritional content. The concept of success as defined by nearly everyone in society is not a construct in which the pursuit of success will help bridge understanding among people, build community and a heightened state of cooperation or be of benefit to humanity in general. In order for us to reach our creative potential and to find our life purpose we must completely reconstruct how we perceive the societal construct of “success”. If you enjoyed this podcast episode, please consider becoming a patron for additional exclusive patron only content at Free downloads of the Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast episodes on iTunes at