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Drawing Back the Veil on Universal Truth | the tao of skwealthacademy podcast, epi_025

In today’s The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast, Episode_25, I discuss the problems of our global institutional academic system that allow me to have more rational discussions with a young child and well-rounded martial artists than adults with advanced academic degrees. I discuss why children that have not yet been processed through the academic system are much more open minded than adults that have earned Bachelor and Master degrees, and why philosophical elements of the martial arts of being, knowing and doing promote critical thinking to a greater capacity than exists in general society. I also explore why sound money principles are so widely misunderstood today with even self-proclaimed sound money advocates forwarding a lot of misinformation about sound money on social media. I also discuss why basic facts like the color of the sky, the color of a polar bear’s fur and the definition of gravity are still widely misunderstood in the modern world and I discuss why the inability of many in society to have disagreements with others in a civil discourse without engaging in angry ad hominem attacks is a sign of the downfall of intelligent civilization.  Finally, as I forgot to provide my financial tip of the day in this podcast, my patrons know that predicted BTC’s top price to be $20,000 (it was) at the end of 2017, and that it would be halved in price to $10,000 at that point (it was). After BTC dropped to $10,000, my patrons know that I predicted BTC could be halved in price a second time to $5,000 (it was, and actually fell below this mark to $3,000). With BTC at about $3,750 a couple of weeks ago, there is a far better chance, if it hits $4,000, that it will drop to $1,000 before it will rise back to $10,000 in price, in my opinion.

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