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Why I’m Leaving YouTube for Steemit and Patreon | The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast, Episode_009

Today, I discuss my reasons for leaving youtube for the greener pastures of steemit and patreon ( and leave you with a long philosophical discussion that covers many topics including bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, banking, morality, the importance of pursuing careers that don’t exploit others but that only uplift humanity, the global refugee crisis, the policies of the State that are used to divide us and to dissolve our unity, and the hidden agenda of academia that destroys critical thinking. Enjoy and please consider becoming a patron to receive exclusive content in the form of podcasts and articles every month! The first exclusive content, released on 25 June, are a lengthy article that discusses many potential reasons why bitcoin’s price has plunged 70% in the past 6-months and that should provide an intelligent foundation to speculate on future price, and a podcast that reveals 2 questions one can ask anyone to reveal the massive faults of institutional academics today, including its misguided focus on memorization of facts and high exam scores. Just visit the link above and become a patron for access to this content. I will be posting a new podcast and article every month, available only to patrons. Thanks for listening and have a blessed day!