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Bitcoin is a Trojan Horse: The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast Episode_003, Part I/4

Part 1 of a multi-part series of the very real and serious potential for bitcoin to be a massive Central Banking/ government Trojan Horse to convince the entire world to embrace further currency enslavement through a 100% trackable cryptocurrency and to usher in a cashless, 100% digital currency world, please refer to the podcast episode download and access links below. Though I state in this episode that I believe bitcoin is a currency, as of the end of 2017, it is still much too volatile to even act as a currency, because price stability is necessary for any long-term currency. Consequently, at this stage, it is a purely speculative asset and cannot serve as a currency until price stability solidifies. Had I recorded this episode with the express purpose of producing a viral episode, I would have merely repeated my support for current blindly accepted mainstream narratives, such as the one that bitcoin is a decentralized, disruptive technology that is anti-banking. However, my focus in this series is to intelligently discuss the real problems of bitcoin’s unknown origins and the many problems with the mass media narratives that have been built and disseminated to not only cover up these unknowns but also to falsely turn these unknowns into knowns. Hopefully, I will fulfill these objectives regarding this very important subject matter, as our freedom depends on recognizing the truth when it comes to digital currencies. Enjoy!

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