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Billionare AI Hell or Commoner Red Pill Bliss? The Choice is Ours – The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast_001A

In today’s podcast, I discuss Silicon Valley and ex-Google executive Anthony Levandowski’s desire to create an Artificial Intelligence god and for humanity to worship his AI god while granting it absolute power over decisions regarding the future of humanity. I discuss why this is not a good idea given society’s current tendencies to drift beyond the line of morality due to its obsessions with celebrity, fame, and fortune. I also discuss the narcissism of billionaires and why they currently have wrongly led society astray with their warped definitions of “success” and non-intellectual definitions of “intelligence” and discuss why both these definitions need to include a significant component of emotional intellect to ensure that all human creation and pursuits benefit our communities and mother earth, rather than just benefiting the selfish needs of the individual at the expense of the rest of humanity. I also discuss the need to escape the confining limitations to our potential created by narcissistic billionaires that have created (1) false paradigms of schooling that do not promote critical thought or education, and (2) falsely-labelled “social media” worlds that create anti-social, anxiety-ridden young adults. I conclude this podcast with a discussion of the need to escape and live outside of these pre-engineered societal constructs into which all of us are born if we wish to realize our creative potential to create a world in which love, compassion, and respect for all life, including nature, prevails, and one in which a beautiful life is not a privilege for the 1% but a human right for all.

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