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The TPTB’s Manufactured Anger is a Ploy to Divide and Conquer: The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast, Episode_001

In SKWealthAcademy Podcast Episode_001, we discuss the harm on humanity committed by those in media and those that fund mainstream media when they attempt to funnel everyone into taking a side on every narrative, whether political, entertainment-related (sports and film), philosophical, or  business. Combined with the desire of Google’s Eric Schmidt to only return one “correct” answer to every question (which is not OUR answer but THEIR answer they want all of us to blindly obey and believe), the attempt to fan the fires on every single issue has had the desired effect of dividing and conquering us, keeping us blind to reality and to solutions, and keeping us instead, focused on conflict.

If you listen to this podcast and agree, please pass it on to others so we can stop the divide and conquer policies of those that head institutions like Google, YouTube, and mass media, and instead turn the tide of humanity away from these falsely manufactured conflicts and towards harmony and cooperation.

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