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How to Find a Life of Purpose | the tao of skwealthacademy podcast, episode_021

I’ve often heard people describe the meaning of life as two purposes that reside at the opposite ends of the ideological spectrum. Many people have said that the meaning of life is struggle, including Jordan Peterson, someone with one of the largest followings on YouTube at the current time. I have heard other people state that the meaning of life is to find happiness. In my opinion, the meaning of life is neither of these choices. The meaning of life is to find a life of meaning. This process will involve both periods of happiness and struggle, but the finding a purpose to life brings a greater feeling of serenity to your times of happiness and makes your times of struggle more bearable. In the tao of skwealthacademy podcast, episode_021, I discuss the various ways we can all find purpose in our life. One way to find purpose is to form a deep sense of community with others and then work towards achieving common goals. But to form a community with others that can give one’s life a strong sensse of purpose, one must utilize critical thinking and pursue self-education.


As well we must have a society of ethical people if we are to encourage people to find a live of purpose within society instead of going off grid as many people that want to live ethical lives have done because they feel it is impossible to live an ethical life within society. In the last podcast I spoke about how immorality and a lack of ethics is being praised, promoted and embraced within society at large, a disturbing trend of modern day life today. In this podcast, I also address how we can perform our civic duty to reverse this trend and create more ethical societies that provide a life of dignity for its members. So join me in this week’s tao of skwealthacademy podcast for a fascinating discussion about finding meaning in our lives.