Embrace Struggle | The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast, Episode_008

Today, I discuss how struggle, generally perceived as a negative, can actually be a positive in one’s life if one embraces it to learn the power of persistence and how to use lessons learned from overcoming obstacles to build honor, character, and integrity as essential components of one’s personality.

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2 thoughts on “Embrace Struggle | The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast, Episode_008

  1. Thanks JS, very interesting reflections and nice perspective. To add to your thoughts on struggle and success, I see many students who are very used to success in high school struggle when attending elite universities competing against others who are equally or more intelligent, hardworking and disciplined. And when suddenly finding themselves in the middle of the pack, deciding to seek less demanding fields of study instead of embracing the struggle in a field they actually love.

    They are so accustomed to academic success, they have never learned to embrace struggle in that arena. And since their measure of worth is grades and scores, mistakenly conclude they are not cut out for that field of study. Particularly in engineering and sciences, where 50% washout (changing majors) is not uncommon. In many cases terrific talent ends up misdirected as a result.

    And now to my question– Are you not planning to write more on precious metals and mining companies? Or will your thoughts on those topics now be reserved exclusively via your paid subscription channels? I think your last meaningful written public discussion that topic was October 11, 2017 or almost 6 months ago:

    1. Hello Mike, thanks for your thoughtful reply. my reply doesn’t seem to be posting for some strange reason. I’ve written this reply 3 times, so hopefully this will only post once and not three times!

      I actually believe the exam system in schooling is completely flawed and people that excel in grades show a propensity to comply but not necessarily a propensity for intellect and critical thought. I attended a so-called “elite” university and I would confidently say, from personal experience, that the majority of those with very high GPAs at that level in a number of different disciplines from business to the sciences were very poor critical thinkers. in any event, I’m in the process of escaping all the censorship on YT and google, and being heavily censored through these distribution channels, as a matter of principle, I refuse to upload any content to help these channels out. So, I’m in the process of restructuring my services and also will be uploading on new distribution channels that don’t censor facts. I will probably have my restructuring finished by the end of the year. you prob did not follow my on snapchat but I discussed gold and silver almost 7 days a week for the last 6 months on that channel. however, I have migrated to patreon and now still continue to discuss gold/silver on my patreon content videos. when i’m finished my restructure, then I will make my decision at that time on whether to publicly or privately speak about PM matters (hopefully by end of 2018). hope you’ve been well and have an awesome day!

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