Are We Truly Free? | The Tao of SKWealthAcademy Podcast, Epi_014

In Episode 14, I discuss whether living an entire life within pre-constructed societal constructs that not only constrict our choices in life but also severely limit our creative potential and our ability to manifest our greatest selves in life is truly living life as a free human being.  If you lived in a tiny island nation state that represented the middle of the pack in everything – technology, human rights, economics, resources, and education – and were told that you could roam anywhere you wanted to within a 10km region of the island but never anywhere else and also never leave this nation to explore the other 192 nations on planet earth, would you feel free? Yet, this is a perfect analogy for how most of us lives our lives when we voluntarily choose to constrict our choices in education and in career from age 5-years-old to age 65-years-old.

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